Despite challenges, the search for a cougar in Stevens County continued Tuesday, one week after it mauled a horse in Stevens County.

The cougar attacked a horse near Deer Lake, leaving it with injures so severe that it had to be put down. 

Houndsman Bart George immediately began tracking the cougar, but said the hot weather was not in his favor.

“It’s hot six feet off the ground, put your nose two inches away from those rocks and that’s what our dogs are dealing with,” George explained.

George and his dogs spent every day following the attack working alongside 15-year-old Chaz Ridler who was raised riding along the back trails of the area. The horse that was killed belonged to Ridler’s family.

Ridler said he will not give up until the cougar is found.

“Well the dogs don’t lie,” Ridler said. “They get a good scent and then take off for a while.”

George set up bait and cameras, hoping to get a clearer picture of the animal after seven days of searching.  He suspected the cat could be seriously injured from attacking the thousand pound horse.

“I don’t think it’s a tricky cat, it’s a tricky time of year and a tricky location for sure,” George said.

George said he believed the cougar was still in the area, but he was running out of time.  His license to hunt and kill the cougar was set to expire in one more week.