A dog owner was asking for the public’s help Sunday after she said her pit bull puppy was stolen from her front yard.

It happened in the West Central neighborhood in broad daylight while she was home on Tuesday.

Vanessa Wesley said she thought her dog, 10-week-old Chalupa, had escaped. Startling news from her neighbor led her to believe she was taken.

"She's really sweet. Really trusting…and likes people,” said Wesley.

Wesley said she had the pit bull for just over a week before she disappeared. She said Chalupa was going in and out of the house on Broadway near Chestnut. She said the puppy was in the front yard alone for only a few minutes when Wesley realized she was gone.

"We came out to look around and we couldn't find her,” said Wesley.

Her neighbor mentioned something out of the ordinary.

"She told us she saw a man walking down the street with her,” said Wesley. "I just can't believe somebody would do that."

Wesley said she filed a police report. She has been searching the neighborhoods, calling local shelters and putting ads up on Craigslist. She said the responses she has received have not been good.

"There's a strong chance you won't see her again or pit bulls are being targeted for dog fighting and things like that. So that's really scary to think about,” said Wesley.

Chalupa has a microchip and was wearing a black collar. She is light brown and has green eyes. Wesley said the worst part is not knowing if her dog is OK.

“How she is being treated or if she is starving somewhere or being abused. It's just heart breaking,” said Wesley.

Wesley said she cannot believe someone would just take Chalupa out of her front yard. She said she just wanted her dog home.

"They took them from a home that really loves and misses her. And she means the world to us and we just want to get her back,” said Wesley.

According to the Craigslist ad, Wesley was offering a $500 reward.