Opening arguments began Tuesday in Spokane for a man accused of killing his ex-girlfriend and burying her in elk.

The trial for Jason Flett kicked off Tuesday in a Spokane County courtroom.

Police charged Flett with Ramona Childress’ murder in November 2013. The 27-year-old woman had vanished nearly one year before the arrest.

According to court documents, an informant accused Flett of hitting Childress several times in the face with a hard shovel.  He said he never admitted to helping Flett bury Childress’ body and added they never spoke of the incident again after that night.

The informant pointed detectives to the broken shovel allegedly used to bury Ramona around burial site near Elk, Washington.

The informant told investigators he was “more afraid of Flett than anyone else."

The informant’s father reportedly came forward and told detectives he was concerned his son had helped Flett and that Romona was buried on his property.