The kitten tossed from a car window along Trent made a miraculous comeback according to a veterinarian at PetSavers.

KREM 2 News introduced you to the kitten, Leo, on Friday. On Monday, Dr. Tami Boettcher said she was “amazed” at how the five-week old kitten was bouncing back.

“He was still in shock a little bit,” admitted Boettcher. “But now, he's doing marvelous. He eats really well. He's purring.”

Witnesses saw someone toss Leo from a speeding car on Thursday. Then a good Samaritan brought the cat to Dr. Tami Boettcher at Pet Savers.

The kitten weighed just over one pound and was battling some serious wounds. He has severe eye trauma and a broken leg. Boettcher put a splint on his leg.

By Monday, the Leo’s eye was healing. However there is a change the kittens leg might need to be amputated. 

“We're not for sure yet that we're going to be able to save the limb,” added Boecttcher, “but we're giving him a good shot.”

Boettcher said the kitten now just needs time.

Dozens of people reached out offering to give Leo a home, but he has already been claimed. The woman who rescued Leo has offered to take him once he has recovered.