via KREM

SPOKANE, Wash-- The jury handed down a ‘not guilty’ verdict Thursday to the Spokane man who shot and killed another man he believed was breaking into his car.  

The defendant, Gail Gerlach, was charged with manslaughter for the shooting death of 25-year-old Brenden Kaluza-Graham in March of 2013.    

Jury deliberations began Thursday morning.  Jurors reached a consensus at about 2:00 p.m. 
Gerlach appeared calm as his wife wiped away tears in the courtroom.  Kaluza-Graham’s family, who was also in 
the courtroom, looked stunned. 

The prosecutor said Gerlach killed Kaluza-Graham under, “very suspicious circumstances”.  

The trial against Gail Gerlach lasted eight days.  

Although Gerlach was found not guilty for manslaughter, jurors met to decide whether his use of force was justified.  

If the jury were to find Gerlach acted in self-defense, the state would be obligated to pay the defendant’s defense expenses.