More than 70 Air National Guardsmen stationed at Fairchild Air Force Base spent days in Oso, Washington searching through the mud and debris.

Guardsmen from the Spokane area said the landslide in Western Washington is unlike anything they have ever seen. They said nothing could prepare them for the devastation they saw in Oso.

Guardsmen made up from two teams went to help recover victims lost in the deadly mudslide.
"It was incomprehendable, it was just so difficult to wrap our minds around it,” said Task Force Commander Lieutenant Colonel Curt Puckett,

Lieutenant Colonel Puckett said his team appreciated the role they played.

"You find a piece of a house, clothing, something out of the kitchen, all stirred up. That was quite hard to deal with,” said Lieutenant Colonel Puckett.    

Lieutenant Colonel Puckett said he was in awe of the mudslide.

"Once you're in it, it seems like it goes on and on forever and forever,” said Lieutenant Colonel Puckett. “I think for all of us, it helped us step back and really look at life and what's important and what's not."

The death toll in the Oso mudslide is now 30. 27 have been identified.