The Manas Transit Center in Kyrgyzstan is set to shut down in July. Some airmen stationed at Fairchild Air Force Base are still on the ground there.

Fairchild crews have flown in and out of the transit center for 12 years. The crews supported ongoing missions in Afghanistan and beyond through mid-air refueling.

 “It’s a joint mission with our Army, Marines and Navy brothers and sisters. And it’s just a tremendous honor to be part of it,” said Chief Master Sergeant Greg Warren in December.

Kyrgyzstan leaders voted to end their partnership with the U.S. and turn over the Manas Base to Russia. That means all the equipment and personnel moving through Manas are in transition to other locations.

“Right now, anything that was at Transit Center Manas is actually moving over throughout Southeast Asia and Europe,” said SSgt. Alex Montes. 

There are several locations Fairchild crews could end up at during the final months of transition. KREM 2 News was told the Air Force was in the process of nailing down a new location for Fairchild airmen to launch their assignments. They would transport military members and equipment anywhere they are needed.

“It just gives us a chance to move around and actually extend our partnerships,” said Montes.

Manas will be turned over to the Russians. That's when it should be disclosed what the new home base will be for Fairchild crews.