The Spokane County Sheriff’s Association said it has voted to endorse a City of Spokane detective for sheriff instead of their current boss, Ozzie Knezovich.

The Deputies Association President said he feels Spokane Police Detective Doug Orr is the best choice for a change.

Sheriff Knezovich said this is nothing more than politics because of a bill that he brought before the legislature.

President Wally Loucks said he is not surprised about the results of Wednesday’s vote.

Of the 205 members, 106 members participated in the five-day Sheriff’s endorsement vote. Fifty-six voted to endorse Doug Orr and 50 voted for Sheriff Knezovich.

President Loucks said that all the deputies knew about the endorsement vote but he said the reason not everyone participated was they did not know Doug Orr or they were afraid of the repercussions of voting against Sheriff Knezovich.

The sheriff said said that could not be farther from the truth.

Loucks said it is not about politics and deputies knew about the vote.

“This has probably been the most anticipated membership vote for the last five years,” said Loucks.