Customers had various reasons for lining-up at Spokane’s first legal recreational marijuana store Tuesday, but most agreed they wanted to be part of the experience.

Many of the customers at Green Leaf on Country Homes Boulevard admitted to smoking pot for cheaper prices before it became legal, but they were still willing to pay $25 for a gram on Tuesday.  

One customer grabbed his spot in line the night prior.  Mike Boyer said he camped out because he wanted to be the first.

Boyer knew exactly what he wanted to buy as soon as the doors opened.  He bought two grams of marijuana for $50. Boyer said it was more expensive than what he would have paid on the streets, but worth it for the quality. 

The pot at Green Leaf was a long awaited medical treatment for another man. 

The last time he smoked pot was in 1978 and he refused to smoke it again until it became legal.  He said all of his friends who pushed for the Initiative-502 had since passed away.  He was waiting in line for them.