The neighborhood where a police K-9 was attacked by a pit bull is no stranger to police. On Monday night, the K-9’s handler shot and killed the pit bull while responding to a domestic violence call in the mobile home park off of Appleway and Barker in Greenacres.

On Tuesday, deputies responded to the neighborhood again after an anonymous resident reported someone trying to break into a trailer.
Spokane County Sheriff’s Deputy Craig Chamberlin said it is uncommon that a day passes without deputies responding to at least one call for service in the neighborhood. He said it’s not just one type of call but varied crimes that bring in deputies.
Longtime resident Rex Lindell said it never used to be like this. He said he has seen his neighborhood deteriorate, to some degree, in the 46 years he has lived in his same home in Greenacres. Still, he said it is only a select few that are giving the neighborhood its new reputation as a “trouble spot.”
“It’s just a typical neighborhood,” Lindell said. “The few problems that we have had have drawn the police in and they’ve been very active in preserving the peace here and doing a good job of it.”
Chamberlin said the law offenders have the attention of Spokane County Sheriff’s Office deputies.
“We’re gonna continue giving them the attention that they are asking from us, until they change their lifestyle, they change their habits or they move away from the nice people in this complex,” Chamberlin said.