Many people living in Omak said mosquitoes are out of control.

The city use to spray pesticides every year to control the little blood suckers but that has not happened for the past three years.

The mosquitoes are so bad this year because the city of Omak could not afford to spray pesticides to control them.  They said it is a result of tight budgets. They had to choose to either lay off police officers or drop the bug spray.

This is the third year the city has gone without the pesticides. The city administrator said he agrees the bugs are bad and he sympathizes with people in the area.  He said the money is just not there.

The city realistically cannot do anything about the mosquitoes any time soon because it is too late in the season.

The city did pass a resolution that said it wants to help create what is called a mosquito control district with nearby cities. If that is the case, it would potentially be put before voters on the ballot in the fall of 2014.