Police shot and killed a man Tuesday, who they suspect stabbed and killed his girlfriend in North Spokane. Family members said the Medical Examiner believes the victim was Tracy Fergerstrom, 46.

Jeremy Arnold, 37, stabbed Fergerstrom multiple times and wrapped her in a quilt according to her family.

Investigators said the murder scene was horrifying. They said there was blood spattered all over the walls, the door handle and the victim was dead with several stab wounds to the back.


Tracy Fergerstrom’s sister recognized her based on tattoos. Fergerstrom left behind a child.

Fergerstrom’s family told KREM 2 News that she had only been living in Spokane for six months when she was killed. She was casually seeing Arnold and babysitting his daughter according to family members. Fergerstrom’s family said she loved children.

Fergerstrom’s sister, Leanne Delaunay, was concerned when she had not heard from Fergerstrom in 24 hours.

Delaunay and her boyfriend reached out to KREM 2 News for help. A reporter was able to put them in touch with the appropriate officials. That is when detectives reached out to them and explained they believed Arnold stabbed Fergerstrom multiple times.

Delaunay said there were some warning signs that Arnold was on a scary path.

“Just because of the arguments they were getting into. He was using her,” said Delaunay.

She said her sister was outgoing, obnoxious and loved to laugh.

Fergerstrom's family members said they knew Arnold well and believed he had a big heart even though they heard him talk poorly to Fergerstrom. They believed she fought hard for her life.