An 8-year-old girl who has beaten cancer twice and lost both of her legs to the disease is set to run Bloomsday on Sunday.    

It would be Kayla Wiggins’ first Bloomsday.

"Well, I just felt like because I do all kinds of other races and stuff that I wanted to do this one,” said Wiggins.

Wiggins was working hard to prepare for the race.

"I think that the other kids sometimes get a little tired and they see her and think 'Wow, if Kayla can do this, I can do this,’” said Wiggins’ coach, Cheryl Spilker.

Wiggins’ was set to do Bloomsday from her wheel chair.

She had each of her legs amputated during two separate bouts with bone cancer. Wiggins was not a quitter. Sunday’s race would be her first major race.

Wiggins’ classmates were inspired by her.

“She's just going so fast, which makes me go so fast,” said her friend Abby Kubes.

Wiggins’ grandparents said they tried to convince her to do the kid’s race on Saturday. They said she told them, “no way.” She wanted to do the real thing.